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Click on any of the FAQs listed below to obtain a detailed explanation. We will post additional FAQs on a monthly basis. We also invite you to explore our web site for additional information about our photo products. If there is something that you would like to see explained that is not listed below, please let us know.


1. DS Series Printers: Resolving White Lines on Prints
2. DS Series Printers: Clearing a Cutter Jam
3. DS40 / DS80 / RX1 Printers: Enabling 2x6" Cut on Mac
4. ID400 Printer: Updating spane Firmware on Flash Air Wireless SD Memory Card
5. ID400 Printer: How-To Properly Delete Pictures from FlashAir Wireless LAN SD Cards
6. ID400 Printer: How-To Repair FlashAir Wireless LAN SD Cards
7. ID400 Printer: How-To Setup FlashAir Wireless LAN Cards for Passport Cameras and spane DS-ID400 Printer
8. DS-Series and RX-Series Printers Installing Color Profiles
9. DS Series Printers: Scrap Box Error
10. DS Series Printers: Squeaks When Printing
11. DS Printers (DS40/DS80/RX1/DS620A) Basic Color Management
12. Adding Borders to WPS-1 Images
13. Repacking DS620A
14. Repacking DS40/DS80
15. Repacking TU80X
16. Repacking RX1
17. DS Series: Enabling 2-inch cuts on Windows
18. DS620A: Error Printing Multiple Prints
19. WPS-1 and Simple Booth Software Connection Guide
20. WPS-1 Frequently Asked Questions (English)
21. WPS-1 Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)
22. DS40/DS80/DS620A/DS820A Printers: How to Clear the Paper Path
23. DS40/DS620A Printers: Using L-Spacers for 5x7 Media
24. DS40/DS80 Printers: How to Troubleshoot Using the Indicator Lights
25. DS620A/DS820A Printers: How to Troubleshoot Using the Indicator Lights
26. DS Printers: How to Repair a Torn Ribbon
27. WPS Pro: SSID is Not Broadcasting