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DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. is pleased that our DS Series printers have been awarded DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Awards three consecutive years in a row!

Entries will be judged in a controlled lighting environment at the headquarters of GTI Graphic Technology using D50 light temperature (see for more information on the lighting systems being used). The target file contains a X-Rite color checker with known values. These color patches will be measured and scored appropriately. Qualitative criteria will also be used in judging the prints, based on neutral gray balance reproduction, saturation, shadow detail and quality, overall tonality and detail, highlights and specular highlights, flesh tones, hue shift, and text.

The DS Series printers are designed for use in kiosks, photo labs, professional photographers, or in other commercial situations. DNP deploys DS Series printers in NexLab dye-sublimation mini labs and the PrintRush family of kiosks. DS Series printers are competitively priced dye-sublimation printers utilizing a powerful printer control engine designed to maximize image quality while printing at high speed.

DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. has received the AVA Gold Award for its video about dye-sublimation media.

Ava Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Work ranges from digital engagement campaigns – to audio and video production – to website development – to social media interaction – to mobile marketing.

AVA Digital Awards honors the evolving ways and means that we engage our audiences through the creative convergence of digital arts, technology and information. The foundation for the Awards began in 1994 as a celebration of the audio-visual arts. Over the years, AVA’s categories changed to recognize the expanding role that digital media and the web were playing in the transfer of information. Now, through the internet and digital’s interactive capabilities, communication professionals are no longer just pushing their messages, they are responding to the user’s actions to provide information when, where and however they want it.

AVA Digital Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).  The Association administers recognition programs, provides judges and rewards outstanding achievement and service to the profession.  AMCP also oversees the MarCom Awards and the Hermes Creative Awards, two of the largest competitions in the world for marketing and communication professionals.

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Pictured l to r: Gabrielle Mullinax, PMA President; David Oles, DNP Sr. VP, R&D; and Georgia McCabe, PMA CEO/Executive Director

The WPS-1 Wireless Print Server has won a PMA Out of the Box Award!

DNP – 21st Century George Eastman Award
DNP’s WPS-1 wireless print server provides a simple way for digital event photographers to enhance their shoot-to-print business by eliminating the need for wires and removable memory cards. With any capture device — from cameras and cell phones to tablets and computers – consumers can effortlessly connect to a DNP photo printer for simple and hassle free wireless photo printing. Think how many printing opportunities are lost because consumers are having difficulty simply getting pictures off their smartphone? DNP’s 21st century adaptation of “You Press the Button and We Do the Rest” is magic.

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The DS80DX has won a Digital Imaging Reporter Rudy Award!

The awards are presented annually by the publication to “...the most innovative, fascinating and out-of-the-box photo products”... as chosen by their editors. The winners have been announced on the DI Reporter web site and will be included in the March 2015 issue. 


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The DS620A has won a Professional Photographer HOT ONE 2016 Award!

“...These are the products that caught our eye, that users love, that solve problems, that look just plain fun. This 17th annual edition of our famous Hot Ones is bolder and better than ever. We’ve removed the bothersome details of award presentations to give us greater freedom in bringing you more of what deserves your attention: a big variety of terrific products sure to appeal to all types of photographers.”  


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For the second time, DNP has won a Digital Imaging Reporter Rudy Award award with our DNP DS820A Photo Printer!

This 8-inch, dye-sublimation photo printer is marketed for both on-site and in-studio use. It provides print output from 4×8-inch up to 8×32-inch photos. The printer offers multiple print modes, including high speed and high resolution, at high or standard density. All prints are available in four improved finishes: matte, fine matte, glossy and luster....


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Here are more reasons that our dye-sublimation printers and media are the best in the market -- awards and recognitions received by industry-leading associations!

PrintRush MPL DIMA 2008
PrintRush MP DIMA 2009
PrintRush MP DIMA 2010
AVA Gold Award

Rudy Award 2015
Hot Ones Award 2016

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