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DNP Panoramic Dye Sublimation Print

DNP Panoramic Dye Sublimation Print


The beauty of panoramic printing is now available on the DS620A and DS820A dye-sublimation photo printers.

Imagine the delight of being able to offer the bride and groom the memorable and magical wedding day shots, the sweeping views of the coastline on that tropical excursion, the energetic team rosters of youth, high school, college, and professional sports teams,or the electric and vibrant city landmarks of New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco?

These printers offer a variety of sizes from 6x14” and 6x20” on the DS620A; and 8x18” 8x22”, 8x26”, and 8x32” on the DS820A.

Panoramic prints also offer a premium price and this adds remarkable revenue potential to the experienced photographer or weekend warrior. The value of offering panoramic prints capitalizes on the ability to capture that unforgettable moment and providing that keepsake moment to treasure for years to come.

DNP Panoramic Dye Sublimation Print

Both printers offer glossy, matte, fine matte, and luster finishes. The outstanding print quality of the DS620A and DS820A maximizes the color density for deeper, richer colors and blacker blacks to enhance the photographic experience.


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