DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation

Extended Service Plans (ESP)

Why the DNP Extended Service Plan?

You'll get the security of knowing your new equipment will retain its high quality with this 3-year coverage plan*.

Convenient Repairs

Printer repairs are performed by DNP Service or a DNP AM Authorized Technician and coverage begins on the day the product is purchased.

Customer Service

Whenever you need us, just call DNP Technical Support at 1-855-367-7604 toll free, Monday thru Friday, 9 am - 6 pm (EST) with your plan number.

No Repair Bills

Eliminate out-of-pocket repair expenses for all covered repairs. Extended Service guarantees to pay 100% of covered parts and labor (beyond the DNP IAM manufacturer's limited warranty) for the life of your Extended Service Contract.•• Plus, we'll always use DNP IAM Service or a DNP IAM Authorized Service Provider***, genuine DNP IAM parts and DNP IAM quality standards.

*Limitations apply. **The use of DNP Service or a DNP Authorized Technician for your repair is solely at DNP's discretion. *** Actual plan term may be shorter as it begins on the dote the product is purchased .

Registration Options

You must register your ESP online at Be sure to have a PDF or .jpg of your invoice to upload on the online registration page. Important: Registration must be complete before service can be Initiated under this plan. Please register Immediately to prevent any potential delays with service delivery.

Print Head Warranty Limits

  1. When purchasing a 3-Year ESP, the thermal print head warranty limits are extended to twice the standard manufacturer’s warranty.


    The earlier of 3 Years or 60,000 prints (4″ x 6″)

    The earlier of 3 Years or 60,000 prints (4″ x 6″)

  2. Stand-alone printer plans sold prior to ESP launch are grandfathered.
  3. No additional “old” plans can be sold.
  4. End user pays inbound freight and DNP pays for outbound ground freight.