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Legacy Mac Drivers

Legacy Wireless Print Server

Wireless Print Server Software Update:

There are software updates available upon request. Please contact our Tech Support team for details.

Legacy Firmware

DS620A Firmware

DS40 Firmware

DS80 Firmware

RX1 Firmware

  • DS-RX1HS v2.06 Firmware 32/64 bit - Windows
    NOTE: This update tool is for the DNP RX1 printer. It will upgrade the printer firmware to version HS 2.06 Once updated, the RX1 Printer will REQUIRE the use of RX1HS media packs. Please use up all RX1 media before using this update tool. This process cannot be undone.
    Download Readme file for Windows Firmware Update HERE

  • DS-RX1 & DS-RX1HS v2.04 Firmware Update
  • NOTE: This firmware Requires the use of RX1HS print media.

SL10 SnapLab Firmware:

ID400 Drivers & Utilities:

M4 Firmware: